Special Occasion

Theme Events

Transform your event into an unforgettable one by making it a themed event. We offer various themes and the perfect location for your event. Vibrant, extravagant, oriental… Express your needs and we’ll make your event dreams come true.

Borneo Rainforest

Explore the wilds of Borneo, where a night of unexpectedness will make an unforgettable evening of feasting and merriment. Your venue will be transformed into a mysterious rainforest with thick carpet leaves and dimmed lighting. Go on a culinary adventure with traditional and Asian specialties while swaying to live band and rich cultural performances.

Shanghai Surprise

With red decorations, colourful painted umbrellas and lanterns, your event will be transformed into the dazzling world of a bygone era in China, complete with heady scents of spices in the air. The immense spread of Oriental food satisfies hungry guests with spectacular entertainment.

Pirates of Karambunai

From tables adorned with silverware, treasure chests filled with lots of gold coins and pearls, choose to have your event at the beachfront where you can hear the thundering shores or the Grand Ballroom as it’s transformed into a pirates den! Service staff ragged in pirate threads completes the look and feel.

Black & Diamond

Come dressed to the nines and make a big impression at this glamorous party exclusively for society’s upper echelon. Sip on that designer martini and dine at tables swathed in black with gleaming cutlery and glasses. See the colourful lights dancing upon the dark material covering the walls. Tall floral table centrepieces enhances the elegant vibe of the evening. Up-beat music promises to make the evening an unforgettable one.

Colours of Malaysia

What is Malaysia without her diverse race and religion? Embrace the nation’s vibrant colours and go on a gastronomic adventure with Malaysia’s cuisine: from Malay, Chinese, Indian to Peranakan, Nyonya and Ethnic. Not forgetting Western, Thai, Japanese, Arab, Korean and Italian, there’s something for everyone! Service staff dressed in the nation’s ethnic costumes will elevate the ambience of event.