The Legend of Nexus Resort Karambunai Borneo Spa

Once upon a time, a royal prince and princess from the Sultanate of Brunei were sailing up the western coast of Borneo.  They had already sailed many months over most of the beautiful and serene place to settle down.  Will they find it?
One morning when they were sailing off the coast near a peninsular, their ship struck a reef and sank.  Fortunately they were not far from the shore.  The prince and princess were quickly rescued by their men and brought to land on a beautiful beach.
As soon as they landed, they were pleasantly surprised by the greetings of the villagers who came and surrounded the prince and princess, and began to pay them homage.  The royal couple looked around and was amazed and delighted by what they saw.  All around them was beauty unsurpassed.  They saw the majestic Mt. Kinabalu in the distance.  Abundant and beautiful flora and fauna surrounded them.  The place was teeming with wildlife such as monkeys, deer and hornbills and the trees were laden with tropical fruits.  Most of all, the people were friendly, kind and hospitable.
The royal couple was then carried to a village where a grand feast was made to welcome their arrival.  They were feted lavishly by the local people.  Sumptuous meats and delicacies, fragrant rice, delicious fruit and drinks were offered to the royal party.  The rhythmic beat of gongs, drums, and other musical instruments, the villagers dance to the “Magunatip” and “Sumazau” to welcome them.  The prince and princess were overwhelmed by the incredible reception.  They saw the harmony of the people with a culture that was vibrant and exciting.
As part of their customary ritual, the Ketua Kampung (head of the village) who is also the “herbalist” extended the wondrous welcome.  He quickly noticed the conditions of the prince and princess.  They were suffered from low body’s temperature as a result of over immersed in seawater, the skin was sensitive and tender, they were weak, hungry, exhausted and in trauma. The Ketua Kampung then instructed the people to bring forward the herbs and oils which is the traditional healing recipe for many types of ailments, he then massaged the prince and princess gently, and soothingly with “Dari Borneo” fragrant essential oils.  The treatments they received show quick result, the skin has been de-sensitize, the oils rejuvenated their bodies, calmed their troubled minds, strengthened their flagging spirit and brought an inner peace never felt before.  This recipe is re-visited by modern herbalist and become the legendary “Dari Borneo” oil which is widely use to balance the body, mind and spirit.
The prince and princess were so happy and contented to have been revitalized that they decided to settle at this enchanted place which was akin to paradise.  They then sent off their entourage back to Brunei to inform the Sultan of the good news.
The place where they settled is called Karambunai today because this was where they were shipwrecked(karam) from Brunei(bunai).  The Nexus Resort Karambunai is situated at the same place and the Borneo Spa is created to continue the traditional legendary treatment of using aroma-therapy and essential oils to rejuvenate tired minds and bodies.