Massages / Treatments

A tranquil haven for the senses

The Borneo Spa is inspired by Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai


The Borneo Spa inspires relaxation, rejuvenation and a harmonious equilibrium of body, mind and spirit through holistic treatments drawn from age-old traditions of natural healing from both East and West.

Evoking the spirit of Borneo, the Borneo Spa features its own private label blends of pure essential oils that is available in retail and cabin line.  The cabin products are used in aromatherapy massages, facials and signature treatments.  The journey of spa experience continues with a take home retail product to upkeep the results after the therapy and serves as a reminiscence from Borneo Spa….

There are fourteen therapy rooms, including 2 double rooms for couples to enjoy their massage together, each ensuite with shower facilities, a juice bar, separate male and female changing room, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath facilities within 9,633 square feet (895 sq meters),   offer a wondrous respite from the outside world.  Rustic cabanas on the resorts beach front offer an alternative alfresco massage environment, adding the element of the sea to your massage experience.

The Borneo Spa is inspired by Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai – A tranquil haven for the senses.

Signature Massage

Indulge in our signature treatment created to deliver harmonious balance to your body, mind and soul. This treatment gives time for your body to de-stress and relax using the best combination of acupressure techniques with our special blend of Pure & Natural Massage oil “Dari Borneo” to improve lymphatic flow and ease muscle tension.

The healing powers of touch combines with warm stone massage therapy melts away tension, ease muscles stiffness and increases circulation. This hot stone massage therapy promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body.

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE (60mins | 90 mins)
Our most popular Island massage is combination of deep tissue and traditional techniques. Utilizing the healing effect of homegrown Centella Asiatica herbs steeped in aromatic coconut oil to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation.

BORNEO FOOT REFLEX (30mins | 60 mins)
This treatment concentrates on the reflexology points of the feet, which correspond to structures and organ of the body, hence reducing stress and tension and restoring natural flow of energy within the body.

Wellness Massage

Experience a soothing treatment with a 30-minute massage of your choice to relieve stress and muscle tension to the back, neck and shoulder or simply refresh over worked and tired feet.

Choose from the following options:
• Head & shoulder
• Back & Neck
• Legs & Feet

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (60mins | 90 mins)
*Available for In-Room Service.

Indulge yourself with an aroma relaxing massage to leave you calm and deeply relaxed. Choose from a selection of Borneo Spa blended oils to soothe and uplift the body.

BORNEO FUSION (60mins | 90 mins)
*Available for In-Room Service.

A fusion of the best element of acupressure massage with a combination of Thai, Shiatsu and Oriental techniques performed a-la Borneo. A non-oil massage using finger pressure, forearms, elbows and feet techniques to stimulate energy flow and improve wellbeing.

RELAX-BY THE SEA (60mins | 90 mins)
*Available for In-Room Service.

Relax, unwind and smooth away your stress. Indulge yourself with a relaxing massage by the beach, let the gentle sounds of the South China Sea and the healing hands of our therapists seduce your senses.

Sense of Place

TROPICAL RATTAN MASSAGE (60 mins or 90 mins)
Experience a blissful Rattan body massage based on the ancient tradition holistic healing. The legendary tradition “Dari Borneo” therapy delivers long lasting benefits to ease muscle tension and re-awaken your senses. Energy is released under the beneficial rolling motion of bamboo moving in rhythmic waves (It promotes a balanced body and state of mind). Our highly professional therapists will make sure you are completely comfortable, even if it is your first massage.

Embrace the essences of the Borneo with an array of treatment using local and natural ingredients. Start with an invigorating body exfoliation with finest Borneo coffee that will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. This is followed by our Signature Island massage to revitalize body and mind from head to toe rituals.

ORIENTAL BLEND (2 hours 15 mins)
Set aside a day of pampering with our therapy that ensures a renewal self energies. Escape into a world of well-being and pampering, your journey begins with body polish, followed by uplifting signature Borneo massage and complete with a refresher facial. This is a 3-step ritual to promote a deep sense of relaxation while leaving you with a healthy skin glow.

BORNEO DETOX (2 hours)
Detoxify and revitalize with this Borneo elements experience. This ritual begins with an invigorating Sea Salt body scrub designed to smooth and soften the skin. Your body is then coated with high minerals of Green Clay Body Wrap and will be completed with a relaxing massage using essential oils to eliminate toxins, drain excess water accumulations and stimulate metabolism.

body Therapies


A nurturing Sea Salt body scrub mixed with fresh Centella Asiatica herbs as it stimulates the renewal of cells. Complete
this off with aroma “Borneo Laut” body oils that will form a protective layer. Through deep cleansing yet gentle full body exfoliation to detoxify and tone that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Enjoy the wonderful smell of coffee whilst your skin absorbs this invigorating treatment. An amazing anti-oxidant organic
coffee scrub mixed with Coconut oil to help tone, stimulate cellulite prone areas and exfoliates tired skin. The pampering
session ends with a quick shower and application of moisturizing cream.


Soothe and rehydrate your skin with a cooling cocoon to relieve sun damaged or sun sensitive skin. Promote faster healing with pure lavender oil, cucumber extracts and fresh Aloe Vera to relieve the discomfort caused by prolonged sun exposure.
*Safe for pregnancy

Our deep cleansing Marine Algae mud mixture is packed with vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients helping your body to eliminate toxins, anti-inflammatory and soothe general aches & pains.

Green Tea Heating Body Wrap with polyphenols, flavonoids, Vitamin C and Vitamin E provides anti-ageing and purifying
actions containing the anti-oxidant, detox and cleansing properties.

The warming sensation of the body wrap helps soothes and calms, leaving skin soft and smooth with a healthy glow.

Hand and foot care

Our Classic Manicure includes trimming, shaping your nails as well as cuticles detailing and buffing. Complete off with your favorite nail color.

This is full range of manicure incorporates a unique exfoliation and hydrating treatment with Green Clay Masques. Starting with a hands soak, followed with exfoliation and masque and finish with nail shaping, cuticle care and nail polish of your choices.

For a beautiful healthy looking feet, begin with exfoliation to remove dead skin cell and a green clay masque that is applied over the feet for optimum hydration. Complete the pampering with nail shaping, cuticle care and nail polish of
your choice.

Pamper your hands & feet with a full range of manicure and pedicure. This ultimate hands & feet pampering consist of
salt glow exfoliation and hydrating French green clay masque. This is followed by nail shaping, cuticle care, moisturizing cream and nail polish of your choice.

4-COURSE "FOOT" FEAST (60 mins)
Comfort your tired feet with an aromatic essential oils and slices of lime footbath. Start with sea salt scrub and removal
excess skin. Prepare your feet for a nourishing masque and delightful foot reflexology massage. Walk on air for the rest
of the day. Treatment consists of 30min Foot Scrub & Foot Masque and 30min Foot Reflexology.


Enhance your skin radiance and bring it back to its original tone with Biossential products, made with natural and
organic ingredients. Skin stays healthy and looks cheerful, you will love it!

This full range of relaxing facial with specially blended aromatic formula is essential to maintain a radiant and
healthy skin. Complete with lymphatic drainage facial massage, cleansing, exfoliation, hydrating steam, revitalize masque and skin rehydration. Suitable for all skin type.

Indulge yourself with an aromatic journey enhanced by natural-based herbal products enriched with specially
blended essential oils to help retain skin’s natural moisture with anti-oxidants for cell renewal. A truly pampering
treatment inclusive neck, shoulder, hands & feet massage will indeed leave you feeling rejuvenated.